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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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A Reminder.........

I like to do crosswords - cryptic ones. I find that usually they're easier than "Quick" ones which often ask for synonyms- and you either know them or you don't, whereas with cryptic ones you get a clue.

But I don't like to be completely stumped, especially when I've already got some of the letters. Yesterday there was such a time; the clue said, "Split tongue" and there was a 9 letter "light" divided into a 5 and a 4, the fourth letter of the first word was "B".

I finally had to give it up and resort to the answer, which was "Serbo-Croat". Split was still often call "Spalato" in our time.

This reminded me of the room in TSO for the interpreters. I can visualise two of them now. I always held them in some awe. One was elderly and rather stout and his specialism was Bulgarian. The other was a dignified middle-aged fellow, always immaculately dressed, called "Irvine". I always thought of him as a knowledgeable and well-read. He seemed to know several languages. Both spoke excellent EnglishI wish I could say that I knew more about them; at the time I seemed to be coming upon so many things which I didn't understand and their backgrounds were just another one.

It was appoint of pride not to call on them for anything in Italian but most of their time, I think< was spent dealing with people in the DP (Displaced Persons) camps.

Re: A Reminder.........

But Serbo-Croat has TEN letters.

Re: A Reminder.........

I was wondering who'd be the first to spot that one.