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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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That's the title of my operetta but it's also, I should imagine, what Harry needs to make him keep finding new topics and photos for the sake of a rapidly decreasing number of readers - and even fewer contributors. (I call him "Harry" because we are in fact fairly close; I used to call him "young Dixon" but that would hardly be fitting because he's knocking on a bit.)

It is fitting, however, that I should say something, because I was the one who kicked the message board off and it's clearly getting to the stage where a decision has to be made about its future.

Re: Patience

Hello Reginald
I was interested in your comment and another from Roland, if I remember correctly. I am a second generation member of only 2+ years looking into my late father’s time in Trieste. Within the small Southampton local group there is another 2nd generation member and along with others in the group we have been looking at trying to save memories of the BETFOR troops possibly in a small book format. One of the members, Gordon Baxter, wrote to the committee via the Journal but all he has heard is the short reply by Roland on the message board and Geoff’s note after the article. We are keen to ensure the information on the message board and Journal does not go AWOL as did the information that TRUST had. After meeting some TRUST members this time last year at the 70th anniversary of the peace treaty I contacted Frances Fehribach who has tried to recreate the old message board but has not got enough support due to age of the members. She has urged me to keep trying to document our information for the 2nd and future generations. We in Southampton are still working on how to move forward with this project.

I do check the message board about twice a week and have posted some messages. I have communicated with some members via email, letter and phone so there are others than Harry, Larry and Dave out here. If you have an idea for us we would be very happy to hear from you.