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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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The question of a new topic. Can one of you come up with a way that BETFOR will be remembered by genneration to come ?. Remember that the sands of time are running out and we cannot keep putting it of until tomorrow.⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳'


I still think a compilation of stories from the Journal and stories and photos on the website is a good way to preserve the nine years in Trieste. As I said to Reginald it would be awful if all the information on the website is lost as it was for TRUST. Gordon’s idea of copies being handed to family members ensure that the next generations have access to those memories. Frances from TRUST even suggested the easiest and cost effective way of producing the document. It is just on the season of “lest we forget “ so let us make sure that does not happen to BETFOR!


Please! Can I draw you attention to my Note to Larry on this subject!!


Roland deserves some answers; how do we make sure that the years of BETFOR are remembered? I suspect that none of us has a clear vision either of the form the reminder should take, or of what it should comprise. Should it be a book (or booklet) or should it be something digital, on line?

I'm sorry; I've nothing to suggest either way. As it happens, I was handed a booklet the other day, the fruits of the labours of a group of members of the rugby club I belong to; it happens to be the oldest open rugby cub in the world so no-one could suggest that its history should not be recorded for future generations. It's a booklet but much more has been involved; its contents have been investigated by students at a school and archivists at two libraries have also had a hand.

BETFOR is different in scale and historical significance. Churchill's famous speech about "an iron curtain" descending "between Stettin in the North and Trieste in the South" would be a good indication - as would general Winterton's final message to the troops in 1945.

I was chatting to an old friend only yesterday; he was in MELF in Nasser's day and he recounted a conversation he'd had with a fellow officer while he was in Egypt . They agreed that they were there because that's where they'd been sent - but they had no clear idea why?


Harry. We will not be forgotten in Trieste . My friend Marco and his friends are very interestd in the period we were there .Marco as a very considerable amount of unlforms and memorabilia covering all the troops that were there including the itialan and Germans.He also as all the uniforms of the police forces.I have asked this before if any one as anything to do with their time spent in the army Marco would very much like it for his museum.


Roland & Harry

Marco is not the only one with uniforms Selvino has a warehouse full and Lorenzo also has many in store. Just because we will not be forgotten in Trieste does not mean future generations here will remember or even know what their relatives were up to!

Can we make sure all information in BETFOR is backed up in some way.........LEST WE FORGET OR ARE FORGOTTEN!


Everyone is far too polite to point out that Gen Winterton wasn't there in 1945' Finger trouble again; I meant 1954. Sorry.