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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Fred and the Dustbin

I often think of Fred- his distinctive style of writing, his unfailing good humour and,above all, the contribution he made to the survival of the association.
I was reminded about this dustbin tale when a dustbin was mentioned in the course of a television programme. They've been replaced, perhaps everywhere. by wheelies.

"Fred Greenwood
Apr 21, 2012 - 10:23PM

Now i know Harry that there are a few Members,who during thier Service,in Trieste,visited Blonde'e Bar,or as we nicknamed it Mama's Bar?. So i hope we see a little reponse to this story of Freds Adventure?.
First i will start with my contact with a Lady ,in the Tiolet.I was happily relieving myself of some Vino,when this old Gal came in and squatted over the square hole in the Floor.Blast Boh,i did not know it were a mixed watering Hole.My Mates give me some stick,deciding i might have needed some help,holding it[:))].
Any of you remember having to ajust your aim,so you did not get your Boots wet?.
Now Harry has a photo of the Out of Bounds Street,which i think was opposite to Blonde's,if i remember right. Anyway many of you will not admit going up there i know,to meet the Dumbe Blonde?.
However,i was unfortunate to visit,at the invitation,of a Mate on a night when the Red Caps were also visiting. We spotted them just as we came out,and i hid around the corner.My Mate did a runner,followed by a Red Cap,which left me to deal with the other. Close by was a Dustbin,(Could be the one in the photo)?.As he rounded the corner,i picked up the Dustbin ,and rammed it over his head,and ran.
Neither of us got caught,although i was stopped a few times by a few,posing as one of us,in Civvies.
I found out quickly in the Suffolks,that if anyone was in trouble,there would soon be help at hand.
You became one big Family,which is what Comradeship,is all about.
Footie is coming on,so i think i will sit down with a pint,and have a Gander?.
Apr 21st, 2012 - 10:23 PM"

This post was made, as you see, over 6 years ago. I you use the "Search" box above, you can find the rest of the thread; it's quite an eye-opener.