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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Il Piccolo

Il Piccolo has changed a few things; I suppose they are feeling the pinch, like all our newspapers, of competing with the on-line world of "social media", tablets, and smart phones. My first concern was that they were setting up a pay-wall but there was a help line so I explained the purpose of our association and why we had an interest in Trieste. I received a very helpful reply and an indication that I could join free of charge to read the whole of the articles I was interested in.

Re: Il Piccolo

Remember Beeching? Well Italy suffered similarly and there are many people who have formed societies and run trains over previously abandoned lines.

If you would like to seesome of their activities, copy and paste the following url:

It starts with a few seconds in Italian but it isn't hard to follow; you don't need every word.