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More Tales From Wales - Chapter 20

Morning all - and a warm welcome to the ever continuing saga in this Tales from Wales – Chapter 20. My how time does fly when really enjoying oneself!

Locally at least, the weather is as promised last night – bright but very cold. The temperature out in the garden at the moment is 11c. I don't know whether the weather was the reason we had a total blackout in the early hours of the morning. It didn't last all that long, but it certainly lasted long enough to let anyone awake at the time to enjoy a sky full of bright stars. We will be hearing all about it during the TV forecasts hopefully.

I am still hobbling and bobbling along and trying to keep track of just where I am on the various waiting lists I have been sidelined to due to a surfeit of customers. Out in the garden Sylvia is holding her own against weeds, sycamore tree leaves and saplings.

We are both at home this morning as we are entertaing a couple of old friends for lunch. They are long time friends from way back, Sylvia used to each with them back in the days of chalk ans slate boards, and we used to take it in turns to host the Christmas lunch, but since I gave up driving four or five years ago Gwyn has done it every year. It was decided two yearsago it would be better to hold the meal here well before the Christmas rush and dark night starting at about 3pm! So far it worked well.

Well I am down on carving the chickens, and the guests well be here looking for coffee and tab nabs to sustain them until lunch!

I hope you have all looked out and aired your winter woollies ready for a dropin

Take it easy as you go! Dave.