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Time....."Loyalry"...."conned"...... ?

Just a few moans from a grumpy old sod.

Larry told how advertisements are not often (or ever) to be trusted. Well Christmas has been on us this year, it seems to me, earlier than ever; I saw a snowy model village being set up in the garden centre in mid-September.

Whatever we think Christmas is about none of believes it's about conning people. We succumbed and bought some mince pies (not from the garden centre) at least two weeks ago. They came in a box nearly two inches deep but the mince pies were only half as deep.

I've just been on the phone, talking to a nice young man about money. I got a letter from the car insurance folks, acknowledging that I'd been with them for a very long time and inviting me to renew for another year - at a price greater than I paid for my first car. You probably know that all insurers have "retention" department whose job it is to soothe members' ire and to knock something off the premium. Anyhow they will knock off nearly as much as you would gain if you were a newcomer.

The years go by - I'm sure they're speeding up a bit; it no longer seems strange that, on a "celebrity" show on the telly I don't know any of 'em - and why is t that singers can't sing any more but just yell down their noses , all the while contorting their faces as if they're sitting on something sharp?

Re: Time....."Loyalry"...."conned"...... ?

Harry. I agree with you as a lover of good music I cringe when I hear the singers on television have you noticed the tumultuous applause they get when they have only sung two words ?. I am astounded at the number of people who believe if it is on television it must be true. Have they never heard of editing and photoshop.we have arrived to the age of digitalised television and nothing is as it started out.I think I have joined the league of grumpy old men when I was asked if I would like to be thirty again my answer was defenatly not. I

Re: Time....."Loyalry"...."conned"...... ?

I,too, seem to have reached a milestone in my life as far as music is concerned. Now on my 3rd thirtieth which can be summed-up as follows:
Born in 1925, twas only two years before that a quasi-national radio broadcasting service set up. Unfortunately, where I was born and lived there was no electricity so we had to make do with an HMV wind-up gramophone and the most used record played on that was "The Laughing Policeman", ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, hahhhhaahahahahahahahah. When I was about 9 or ten years old an uncle of my mother won a large sum of money on the Irish Sweepestake and so gave each part of his family a Burgoyne accumulator-battery powered radio. Our house was about 1 mile from the village of Bromyard in Herefordshire and guess who was selected to carry those heavy batteries up to the village where they could be charged. But at least we were now listening to the ??modern?? music being broadcast. So that took us up to the beginning of WWII. and the end of my first 30th years of music. Then the Americans entered the war and we began to get all that beautiful smooth crooney music from the likes of Count Baisey, Les Brown and his Band of Renown, plus our own home-grown such as Victor Sylvester. War ended,.a different 30 years of music now took on another guise and came rock & Roll, the Twist, boogey-woogey. The along came disco. And then from St Pauli and Hamburg arrived a group of young British ??musicians?? and twas then that - for me, at least- music died. They should have been arrested and kept in Germany but unfortunately we are all free to practice what we want in life. But since the Beatles began to inhabit the Cavern Club(?) in Liverpool, there is, as Roland says above, no more music, a sentiment echoed very much by me. I now begin to realise why so many people walk around our streets with 'earache', holding one of their hands up to one of their ears, probably trying to drown out the cacophony being broadcast nowadays. So now my 3rd thirtieth year of music has gone I no longer listen to the radio broadcasts except when in the car.

Re: Time....."Loyalry"...."conned"...... ?

The Boot, a pub in Chester has a notice on the door saying "Cash only". My son says it's intended to keep young people out since they often don't carry cash but use their phones.

I just don't want to know how.