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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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I see the Royal Naval Association have started a scheme for certain of it,s veterans to be provided with tablets putting them in touch with fellow members elsewhere.Don,t tell me we havent the funds.Crowdfunding is a possibility.Comments please.

Re: Tablets

Roy. Yes you are correct the Association as not the funds to buy tablets for the members. You must bear in mind that there are also the monthly running costs.It would be far more efficient to use the telephone on a no cost nights and weekends free plane.l have for years enguraged members to keep in touch with each other with very little success. I will support any scheme you can suggest that gets members to keep in touch with each other. I am privileged to get to talk to over a hundred members every year when chasing them for their money ?. I supect that the majority' wait for me to ring so thy can have a chat witch I must admit I do enjoy 😊