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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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PHOTO: What the ..................Do You Make of Thhis?

I'm confused; the print mentions the centenary of the ending of WW1 but also mentions the occasion of Zone A of the FTT's being absorbed into Italy. What on earth could this shambles have to do with either?

Re: PHOTO: What the ..................Do You Make of Thhis?

The occasion, which prompted some fairly drastic security measures, was the visit of the Italian President Mattarella.

So are the Marchers in the photo meant to represent modern Italian troops or tropps from the time of the FTT? Why the old fashioned rifles and bayonets like Corporal Jones's? Does the Italian army slope arms on the right shoulder? Behind the first few ranks of the squad in the photo are some Bersagliaeri; do they represen the new wave of Italian troops. Why have the front rank all got their eyes closed? Why has the little chap in the front have his hand on his hip/ I do remember seeing a Yankee parade when the leader had his hand on his hip; he pranced and minced about and twirled about as if he was in a circus.

It has to be pretty bad if somebody from the Intelligence Corps finds fault with something military.

Re: PHOTO: What the ..................Do You Make of Thhis?

Well done Harry.This piece of camera folly is nearly as funny as the famous German peloton.What sort of camp does the scamp in front come from?With his hand on his hip?He has to be the pride and joy of his mum when he goes on leave."Oh mum I had a really lovely time leading all those manly men on the march."As for the so called soldiery behind him,no wonder the Italians are headng towards bankruptcy.It seems the Bersagliery can no longer afford feathers!

Re: PHOTO: What the ..................Do You Make of Thhis?

Good evening
They are celebrating the victory ot Italy in WWI, forgetting that Trieste has been Austrian for more than 500 years, and had been defeated, with Austria.
In the speeches they also remembered the "second liberation" of Trieste, with Allied departure.
By luck I had already booked a holiday in a Slovenian spa. :D