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Wild life.

This is a disconsolate squirrel; I've no idea what he's chewing on here but he's had several goes at my bird feeders which have sunflower seed hearts in them. The squirrel baffle does exactly that; I've seen him swarming up - and sliding down. more recently, he made a valiant attempt to leap from a nearby large pot containing a Japanese whatit on to one of the feeders but he failed. There are plenty of beech nuts on the grass and conkers too but he still prefers the sunflower seeds.

Re: Wild life.

I was wrong. The little b......r isn't disconsolate; he's smug.

I have some biggish trees at the bottom of the garden; they've beenshowing off their Autumn colours - but now I'm paying the price and having to get up the leaves. Over the years I've decided to do it in instalments so that they don't get too deep to tackle. i'd almost finished my stint today when I noticed the tops of both bird feeders were on the ground amongst the leaves; so the clever little f. f. f. fellow had managed to get his little f.f.f. fingers in a lift them off. I can only think he's perfected the leap from the nearby pot to the top of the feeders.

So it's a battle of wits him - (I do hope he's not a she; I'd be bound to lose) - against me.

Re: Wild life.

Not a lot to brag about but so far H is up one nil. The tops remain on the birdfeeders so, even if he managed to leap, he failed to get to the seeds - trouble is in order to foil hi I had to give them a bit of a turn clockwise and now I'll have a job to get 'em off gain.

Anyhow he was obviously miffed because he chucked the feeder containing niger seeds off the branch where it has happily lived for years - because he doesn't even like 'em; pure bad temper if you ask me.

Re: Wild life.

Oh dear; I not only had a problem getting the tops off myself but the little blighter did manage it - at least on one feeder. So now I've had to put a spot of grease to make it easier to twist the tops to lock them on.

He can't be that brainy can he? (Or is she?)