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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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2018 Remembrance Day

I should be interested to hear how Remembrance Day was marked by any of our members or in their localities and also what are their thoughts/comments on these events.

Re: 2018 Remembrance Day

It's hard to say anything about this without wounding somebody's sensibilities but I can safely say that I was impressed by the efforts put into the beach portraits scratched and raked into the sand at various places.

I was horrified to hear on Dan Snow's programme on "shell shock" how men were executed for falling victim. I have a very distant memory, from my very early childhood, of a man living nearby who was "odd"; and I remember my mother saying he was still suffering from shell shock.

I have tried - and failed - to understand the reasons for which we fought that war but that doesn't detract from the sympathy we must feel for those caught up in it.

What are you thoughts Derek?