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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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What Wond'rous Life Is This I Lead........!

But it feels as if the whole world is passing me by; there are so many things I'm baffled by.

Why, for example, does the BBC insist on making trailers for programmes that seem designed to put you off watching?
"Maxfac I think it's called; keeping track of traffic by technological means. Time was when you came to a "toll plaza" where you chucked some coins into a sort of bucket and went on your way. Now, if you don't keep your wits about you hidden cameras take a photo of you number plate and you get a "penalty" later. Twice now I have prepaid my tolls and still been "caught". Luckily I've been able to prove I'd paid but I could do without the hassle.
The idea of something like that all along the Irish border???

How big are lorries going to get and what will happen to our winding country lanes? We had a lovely drive this morning to our favourite coffee roastery hidden down leafy lanes - but not hidden well enough to escape from the juggernauts. You don't want to meet one when you're on the inside of a bend because the back wheels of the monster don't follow the front ones but come across onto your side.

Garden centres! Plants and stuff are nice but that's no longer what they're for; they've become the new shopping centres. After a recent visit - and I have to admit a lot of the tat was Christmas stuff - I began to get an insight into just how many things there are in the world that I don't want.


Re: What Wond'rous Life Is This I Lead........!

If only the whole world was like this:

Re: What Wond'rous Life Is This I Lead........!

Or this:

where everything is so simple and easily explained. Mind you this is Haworth in Yorkshire.