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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Euphemisms... bathrooms.... shithouses... not for the delicately nurtured.

There are few topic which have produced more euphemisms than the natural process of emptying ones clog - to use a euphemisms from my childhood.

Do you remember those holes in the ground that we met sometime when we used a public "loo" (euphemism" from the French) in Italy. It was often a matter of aiming to avoid splashing your boots - or shoes.

"Number two" is another euphemism - I remember Jim Royle saying of Elvis, "After all them number ones he had - it was a number two that killed him" - the point being that to use a continental type, you would need to squat - and that has become "trending". Apparently fortunes are to be made from flogging little footstools that allow you to convert your sitting posture to a squatting one.

IF you are still sceptical, Google "squatty potty" images!!!!!

I'll spare you the details of the "bathroom" I was forced to use at Stanley market, Hong Kong.

Re: Euphemisms... bathrooms.... shithouses... not for the delicately nurtured.

Harry your post reminds me of a toilet we used when on manovers in the Alps.It was late at night we arrived at this barn there was this small wooden hut at the bottom of a field I would say it was about five hundred yards from the barn. Outside of it was a semafor signal to let you now if it was in use what a shock we had the next morning when saw were we had been sitting the night before. It was perched over the edge of a considerable drop and all you were sitting on was a plank of wood.I had wondered why there was sutch a draft comping up .