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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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The Pound in Your Pocket.......

If you're anywhere near as old as me, you'll remember devaluation and the assurance we had about "the pound in your pocket". It couldn't happen now; I mentioned the pub in Chester which has a notice on the door saying "Cash only"; it was my son who said it was designed to keep young folks out.

You may have noticed in some places people buying a cup of coffee by showing their phone or waving a card about. In a growing number of places it's cash that isn't accepted; cash can be more expensive for businesses to handle; it's bulky; it has to be counted and stored securely whereas digital cash cannot be stolen and is already in the bank.

I'm afraid we're still in the stone age; we don't have the right apps on our phones for waving. I still have a cheque book but a diminishing use for it.