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The latest News from North Wales :

My apologies for the long break in transmission but with one thing happening after another I really don't remember where we were up to. But, to ease my conscience I thought as a "Christmas Treat" I'll send out the latest news, if I can still find my way around this machine. I switch it on sometinmes and don't recognise half it comes up with - especially after one of those Microsoft Updates!

The main news is I have managed to get through the two operations for cataracts OK and I am due back at the hospital on the 4th January for a clearance check. As far as I can tell all is going well and now both eyes are cooperating ne with the other. But I shall be glad to get the go-ahead to order a new pair of glasses!

The garden is more or less hanging on for the Spring. It has been battered a bit with the gales (but you will be glad to hear that the runner bean wigwam is still standing and ready for the new seasons duty!

I have managed to keep clear of any accidents after the last one that put me in hospital for a short spell, but I am still more or less house bound with what has been diagnosed as Vertigo! What ever it is, I walk around the house with the aid of a stout stick and walking any further than the front door is forbidden. I have more or less got rid of the facial damage signs of broken nose and various other scars, including a break to my left forearm.

To-day Sylvia and I are celibrating with our Cristmas Dinner at lunch time in peace and quiet something we haven't managed to do since we got married!! And from the noise of pans rattling out there in the galley I haven't got much time left to get this message away! So Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one an all - Dave

Re: The latest News from North Wales :

Happy Christmas to you Dave.
The best present to see a post from you again!

Here is to a healthy new year and more updates from Wales.

Re: The latest News from North Wales :

Dave, I saw your News yesterday and I felt the same as Paula - wonderful present - almost the best of the day (and that includes three bottles of malt whisky - no sorry, two of whisky and one of whiskey (from Ireland).

Seriously Dave, it's good to know that the old sense of humour and good sense all round hasn't deserted you.

I suspect that many of us could have a good old moan about what the ladies' adverts call "the effects of ageing" - but what's the use? We certainly don't want any of the alternatives.

Re: The latest News from North Wales :

Hooray, you're back with all your news. I and many others missed you and have been wondering what had happened and how you are. You sound in good spirits. God bless and a Happy New Year.