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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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PHOTO: Viale 20 Settembre

The Viale was always a pleasant place to be. On tn the right was Zampoli's gelateria and lower down, on the left was an excellent trattoria.

Re: PHOTO: Viale 20 Settembre

I remember my first stroll there. A bit more overgrown nowadays!

Re: PHOTO: Viale 20 Settembre

I've been trying to find some photos of the Viale as we remember it and have had no success. Since we lived in Via Coroneo, it was only a few minutes' stroll to get there and we usually went there for supper, which often comprised a caffe latte and a panino proscuito cotto, bought at the bar seen in the photo. Why didn't the coffee keep us awake? I suppose it could have been the vino.

The AKC was higher up on the right.

The Trust theatre was not far from Via Coroneo either and, as you'd expect, it had to be bigger than the AKC. The only performance I remember there was that of Doctor Crock and his Crackpots; I still have a visual memory of the chap with the bandaged leg who was supposed to play the saxophone - but never did and the tall drummer with only the brim of a hat.

Also, nearby was Via Carducci, which had a number of shops. One sold silk scarves which were excellent and cheap and which I bought as presents for family and friends back home. The was also a shop called (I think) GUM which we called the Jug shop because it sold stuff from Jugoslavia. Heavy shoes and fake astrakhan hats came from there.

Re: PHOTO: Viale 20 Settembre

This photo appeared some years ago, showing two unlikely pedestrians striding up the Viale: