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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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….…….fist, and most important, thank you Geoff for a most pleasant surprise this morning; - the Betfor journal dropped on the mat. Thank you Tom and Sarah too. It brought a timely reminder to pay subs to Roland.

I needed a pleasant surprise; the microwave spat out its dummy this morning, leaving me with a bowl full of Quaker oats. milk and water; I usually give the mixture 2 minutes, give it a stir then another 2 - but this time all was still; niente doing. Neither my wife or I can remember getting it; lost in the mists of time. (The Machine I mean, not the porridge.) So I propose a visit to Curry's/PC World - and were pleasantly surprised to find the very one recommended by Which? at a reasonable price. I'm "not allowed" to carry things (that's my story and I'm sticking to it) but a smiling young man carried it out and put it in the boot. It's now in the kitchen and ready for my best efforts with tomorrow's porridge.

Thank goodness! The "festive" marketing is all behind us and we can remember the good bits. A number of pleasant family occasions, malt whisky ( and whiskey), mince pies and my wife's Christmas cake; sadly those last two items are all gone. (We should have had the foresight to freeze some mince pies - but too late now.) I'll try to forget the little senna clarses, fake snow, plastic reindeer and …….

My Whuawei phone was cheap(ish) but it wearied of relaying anything from wi-fi six days ago; I noticed that the weather forecast was two days slow. Anyhow it still said that it was connected to wi-fi and still worked as a phone. Strangely being a phone is no longer the most important thing for a phone.
Anyhow there is a brightish side to the tale; the nice young man in the shop spent an hour working on a "fix" and was baffled but finally decided on trying a factory reset. I agreed and it worked so I've had the job of catching up with contacts etc. So as Larry says, all part of life's rich tapestry.

Re: Misc..........

Talking of Larry, I miss his comments and wonder if he as been on holiday over Christmas ?.🥃

Re: Misc..........

My thanks to Geoff as well for the journal. So pleased to see the committee will be discussing Gordon’s suggestion. He has produced 3 stunning documents and the Southampton group are very excited, especially us second generation members.

Any idea when the meeting of the committee will be?

Hope the porridge was good!