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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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This photo, from Il Piccoloo shows the queue to get into the Verdi to hear a series of lectures on history. On the day of the photograph the subject was the events of the year 1844. I published a timeline on the main website some time ago - but that didn't help. What was significant about 1844?

Other topics have included the year 1917 and the Russian revolution.

The Verdi had been crowded for these lectures. It's understandable the Triestines would have a close interest since that part of the world has been like a football being kicked in several ways at different times.

The time of the AMG was crucial. There have been several suggestions that the "story" of the AMG should be told by one of us but, so far, there is no suggestion about how it should be done or what its scope should be. This was the time when Churchill spoke/wrote of the "Iron Curtain" which had descended from "Stetin in the North to Trieste in the South"; it was also the time when Truman was so new to world affairs that he wanted to withdraw all American troops from Europe to concentrate on the war in the Pacific; it was the time too of McCarthy and his "unAmerican Activities Committee", the setting up of "ratlines" to whisk away fascists and nazis to havens in South America and elsewhere.

There are now 131 so-called Universities in the UK but is doubt if any would be so disinterested to be interested.

Re: History........

If anyone is interested and will be there in time this is the theme of the nextlecture;

"domenica 20 gennaio 2019
Emilio Gentile
Una “rivoluzione nazionale” che porta al governo una nuova classe dirigente formata principalmente dai combattenti della Grande guerra delusi dalla “vittoria mutilata”: tra il 1922 e il 1924 il programma messo in atto spregiudicatamente da Benito Mussolini e dal partito fascista trasforma un regime liberale in uno totalitario.
Emilio Gentile è professore emerito dell’Università di Roma La Sapienza"

Taken from the Verdi's own website.

Re: History........

You don't need to be fluent in Italian to see that this lecture will be about the rise of fascism. It's sometimes hard to understand that decent people can fall for the wiles of a Mussolini; it can happen - and has it happened there again? Is "populism" far from fascism? Are we immune?

Re: History........

possibly the key event in Italy was the execution of the Bandieri Brothers that year. Both were Austrian naval officers but eager supporters of Giuseppe Mazzini and the Young Italy movement.They planned an invasion in Calabria but were betrayed, captured and shot.The Risorgimento to unite Italy was finally successful in 1870.