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Wee, Sleekit, Cowran, Tim'rous Beastie

I feed the birds and leave piles of logs, branches and leaves for the hedge-hogs but sometimes your patience gives out and then you feel "murderan" like Burns' bloke - and this time over a mouse. I have to admit, I've taken stern measures to stop the squirrels raiding my bird feeders but, on the whole, I'm fairly well disposed towards the wildlife.

At least I was until this happened; we have a modest sort of a car and we don't rush about like Clarkson clowns and one day my wife bought a block of dark, fruity chocolate of which we had one piece each; the rest went in the glove box. Some days later - I must have been quite well behaved - because I was asked if I'd like another piece. The end piece of the block, however, had been nibbled and the silver paper shredded. How on earth could it have happened? So far, I've found that there is a way for a wee creature to get from the engine compartment, through a maze of small openings into the glove box - and we keep the car in the garage.It's probably a field mouse looking for warmth, shelter and nourishment but....

Re: Wee, Sleekit, Cowran, Tim'rous Beastie

Yes, chocolate is the number one top favourite attraction for mice. A few years ago I had an invasion of mice. I saw one peeping out of a hole in the skirting board with one of my dog's biscuits in his mouth. I was working on some irreplaceable Diocesan archives at the time and feared that the mice might devour them. Thankfully the archives survived. By the way, re squirrels, I recently read on line somewhere that the thing to do to stop squirrels raiding your bird feed is to spray the feeder (i.e. not the food but where the squirrel climbs and grips) with WD-40. p.s. best place to keep opened and remaining chocolate is in the fridge.