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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Rage, wrath, ire, annoyance, irritation....or indifference. Is it newsworthy?

There are journalists who ply their trade by affirming their determination to stand bravely up to the "trolls" who attack them on twitter or Instagram. I have to admit I can't follow their courageous example because I don't do social media. Twitter would be useful because I could find out whether the rugby match has been camcelled. Trouble is I've been banned, presumably for being naughty in some way, although I can't imagine why; I've only ever tried to log on - and failed.

The snow has been a wonderful thing for journos and telly people';the people in Scotland have had most of it and there have been passing references to it. Compare that to the headline news we were treated to when it struck the "home" shires.

Words are the very stuff, the currency of journalism; why are they so often devalued. Have you ever "braced" yourself for bad weather? Have you ever been somewhere "remote"? When you got there was it? Everything that happens is preceded by other events. Are the subsequent happenings always due to the earlier ones? Post hoc ergo propter hoc? Journos will say that the second happens "in the wake of" another.

Do you still get a newspaper? Many paper are struggling because so many people now get all their news (or fake news) on their phones , tablets or PCs. Are the papers being driven to publish stuff which is more lurid and "newsworthy"? In Trieste I had a huge respect for the "Corriere" - since disappeared. "Il Piccolo" has recently changed its approach and asks readers to join "Noi lettori" - "We the readers". It's too early to say whether it will provide an intelligent insight into the life of the region.