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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Two items from "Il Piccolo" today

1.«Bella e facile da visitare»: Trieste finisce nell’olimpo delle città europee preferite da The Guardian

2. L'indotto della Barcolana a Trieste? Vale 71,5milioni di euro

I'll leave them as they appear as headlines

Re: Two items from "Il Piccolo" today

I found the short article on the Guardian's website. Here it is:

"By April, temperatures are on the rise in Trieste and in the late 20s by May. It is far less touristy than the likes of Florence or Rome, and spring sees the city’s lovely restaurants and bars populated almost exclusively by locals.
A city with a proud coffee-drinking culture – Illy has its headquarters here – Trieste has many venerable cafes, including the dazzling mirror-walled Caffè degli Specchi on the Piazza Unità d’Italia – said to be Europe’s biggest seaside piazza – and the elegant Caffè San Marco, which has a good bookshop. James Joyce was a regular when he lived here between 1904-1915. You can learn all about him at the excellent museum, which also has a free, downloadable themed walk on its website (
Above Trieste is a vast limestone plateau known as the carso (or karst). Travel up to Villa Opicina on the edge of the region by bus.
There are several trattorie, but for a real treat catch a cab to one of the 30 or so osmize – farm restaurants that sell their wines, cured meats, cheese, honey, fruit and veg; traditionally, they were open eight, 16 or 24 days per year (“osmi” means “eighth” in Slovene) but this now varies – check the app at for details.

• Book it Stay at the palatial, seafront Savoia Excelsior Palace, Jan Morris’s pad in her book Trieste and the Meaning of Nowhere. Doubles from £127 room only,"

You may decide that IL Piccolo was egging it a bit; the article lists Trieste as one of five cities for a short break. do you think it does the place justice? Is the tram still U/S?

Re: Two items from "Il Piccolo" today

.….and now the Independent's Simon Calder joins in.

I'm sorry; The Independent's website let me read the first sentence where Calder say that he'd wanted to visit Trieste for years...… but to go any further I had to register "for free". There was also a rather nice photo of the canal but... anyway try it yourself.