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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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TRIESTE'S OLD PORT ........Porto Vecchio

"Noi Il Piccolo" was set up as a response to the digital age when fewer folk are buying paper newspapers. As with some of our papers, to get full access to all articles you need to join - and pay. I'm not quite sure what my status is; I did sign up and I get regular emails from Noi Il Piccolo to keep me up-to-date with local news. Like our own journalists, they tend to go for the lurid or "woo isn't it awful?" topics but occasionally there is something to remind us of the time of the FTT.

Today there's an item about the "old" port. This was the thriving port when we were there, where cargo ships loaded or unloaded goods from or to warehouses and a busy railway chuffed along the Riva. It seems that the whole place is to be remodelled to create a large conference centre and other features to enhance Trieste's future as a tourist destination. The entrance is to comprise a large traffic roundabout. There is a design competition but I'm not sure what the subject is.

Il Piccolo carries a video showing the demolition of some warehouses.

I digress to reminisce about the times we went into the port - because there were squash courts there under the supervision of an Italian named Morgan. We used to telephone to see if there was a vacant court - but there always was; in fact I don't remember seeing anyone else there. Morgan was a pleasant fellow and once he asked me to do him a favour - to smuggle some eggs past the police on the gate for him. Since I'd never been stopped, I agreed - but I was stopped and the police asked to see inside my holdall. I had an "FS Pass" which ordered others not to obstruct but to assist the bearer and I thought of producing it but remembered that I hadn't brought it. Anyhow I held the bag open and the officer barely glanced at it.

"Vecchio" (pronounced in Triestine dialect "vetchio") was Larry's email title.

Re: TRIESTE'S OLD PORT ........Porto Vecchio

Nice to read about the old port today as yesterday I started clearing out my mother’s house following her death and there were “things” of my dad’s time in Trieste including a lovely inlaid wooden box with his initials on the top and inside a plaque from military and civilians at 14 Port Workshop REME for leaving to go to GHQ CMF first at Duino then St Mark’s square in Venice. There was also a medal for 3rd in 1500 metres running still looking for the proof of 1st place in cross country but we do have the leather covered baton he won for that. Also is his wedding present a beautiful boxed silver inlay desert set from Padova. The problem is there are 3 of us with eyes on these lovely things!