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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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"He polished up the handles of the big front door.
He polished up the handles so skilfully
The now he is the ruler of the Queen's navy."

Gilbert and Sullivan satirised the follies of the Victorian age and we sometimes smirk in the certainty that it couldn't happen now; just imagine if the present ruler of the Queen's navy could be so silly as to commission at huge expense a vast aircraft carrier without ensuring that we had the planes to go on it!!

I was describing some time ago the follies, ignorance and sheer stupidity which brought about the tragic fates of the entire crews of "Erebus" and "Terror", sent to discover the North West Passage. The expedition was mounted by Sir John Barrow of the admiralty who put Sir John Franklyn in charge, even though he was portly and aging and had been brought home from the governorship of Tasmania because he was a failure there.