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Le Tour... It's that time again...

The grand depart is from Brussels and it finishes in Brussels - because it's a time trial.

Re: Le Tour... It's that time again...

….. Oh no it isn't - not a time trial, I mean.

My excuse for shoddy reporting is that I've been busy contending with the local wild-life that wanted to share the house with us; blasted flying crawling ants - cunning little sods that took umbrage because I fettled a hole in some so-called hardwood surrounding a French window - and came barging in. Anyhow, with the help of two vacuum cleaners and various powders and sprays, they've retreated - I hope not to regroup.

Don't they know I'm generally well disposed to wild-life? I keep piles of logs, twigs and leaves in the garden, fill two birdbaths even if some ingrates do shit in them and I keep three bird feeders well suppled with seeds.

Re: Le Tour... It's that time again...

I was half right - today's stage was a team time trial, starting and finishing in Brussels.

They little bleeders mounted a rearguard action - the ants I mean; just a few muscled their way in and swaggered about on the French window but suffered a reversal when the Miele appeared. I'm hoping I don't need to publish further bulletins on this topic.

As far as wild-life is concerned, as we opened the kitchen curtains it was clear that there had been goings on in the garden; a largish area of the back lawn was covered in wood pigeon feathers. There was, however, no body. So I decided the best way of clearing them was to get out the mower, a petrol rotary effort and hover them up. I was not pleased; although I have mixed feelings about wood pigeons, it was far too warm a day for mowing. Once started, I had to do the lot.

Re: Le Tour... It's that time again...

yes am on my bike ( in front of Eurosports tv and Sean Kelly) Halfway to Epernay and the champers) right now. My man Romain Barbet, (same initials) is already struggling after the team time trial..... but there is a long way to go.

Re: Le Tour... It's that time again...

I hope no-one was induced to follow the Tour on tv today; it has been utterly boring. Yesterday was the opposite, an undulating road through beautiful scenery, with brutal climbs and full of incident and surprises. Today, the commentators seemed desperate to talk to people I'd never heard of to fill in the time.

I sometimes wish the same boring, humdrum scene was presented by things in general; there used to be a saying which I haven't heard for a while, said to someone disliked, "May you live in interesting times."