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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Visit to Trieste

Dear members that take time to read my adventures of our annual visit to Trieste we are reduced down to three David, Bill, and my self.It was decided we would visit the graves of the BETFOR members. From the records it was recorded to have thirty one we purchased a flower for each grave only to find there was thirty four graves?. We came to the conclusion that thy were members buried after we hade left. Two of the graves where being looked after and fresh 🌺 put on them. We are going to dinner to night with Lorenzo.and tomorrow we are going out on a trip with Marco.Both young men have made friends with BETFOR members and still take great interest in the time we were hear.I will not bore you with a weather report only to say it is very warm. 😎😎😎

Re: Visit to Trieste

How nice to spend time with Lorenzo and Marco. Please send them our best wishes.

Re: Visit to Trieste

Our DAY WITH Marco was very memorable it consisted of a visit to the Town Hall to visit the deputy Mayor also there was a newspaper reporter and photographer. The reporter.was interested in the time we had served in Trieste He also was interested in the reason we had been coming for so long he promised to send me a copy of the interview.Our second visit was to the Headquarters of the Free Trieste Movement.,to all the members that have visited Trieste. You will have seen the banner in the window of their Headquarters I piazza Della Borsa.We were then taken to lunch at an. Hotel in Slovenia 🇸🇮. We then went to Marcos house for more local red 🍷.I cannot express the satisfaction our visits give me and the friendship we have received from both Marco and Lorenzo for the time they have given up also the expenditure both young men have become great friends to Bill David and my self also to the BETFOR Association.

Re: Visit to Trieste

Nice to hear that you are enjoying your trip Roland.
There were 33 British Military graves there when I visited with the 50th Anniversary party in 2004.
14 of those are recorded on the large memorial at The National Memorial Arboretum. Although I have asked why only those, no one there knows the reason.