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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Andrea Camilleri

You were right Harry, he was in a critical state but no more. Like Larry I really enjoy the programmes. I had read that they will start filming 3 new programmes early next year. There was also another book out this year and his final book had been lodged with his agent to be released after his death. It sounded like it would also be the end for Salvo!

It has been a lovely way to enjoy Italy, its people, food, history and lovely buildings.

Re: Andrea Camilleri

It's hard to think that there will be no more Montalbano books but, as you say Paula, there is still one lodged with his publisher. In one sense the blow is softened because it's easy to re-read them.

I'm not sure that I'll read that last one; I've an idea that Montalbano will meet an end from which there can be no return.

I was given "The Overnight Kidnapper" only few days ago and was surprised when the first scenes on television told the same story. I switched off because I didn't want to know the end.

Re: Andrea Camilleri

Ooh I have not read that. Must put on the list. Like you, I am not sure I want to read the final book and for the same reasons!

Re: Andrea Camilleri

"Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light". Dylan Thomas.

The most recent Montalbano was Montalbano film, had the title "Love" and had an overall air of sadness. There was a parallel theme mirroring the tale of Romeo and Juliet; there were two ageing actors who seem to have determined that neither could live without the other.

There were few laughs; even Catarella's clowning seemed to rouse pathos rather than a smile.

If your memories of Italy - and Trieste in particular - are anything like mine you will feel that we were somehow privileged to have been posted there.