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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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no e.mails

have not had any messages on the message board since 8th a ex member I still like to keep in touch, or is there a problem on the site.regards Peter.

Re: no e.mails

No Peter; there's no problem as such; it's just that time moves on; things change. We all get older; fewer people feel like reminiscing about their time in the beautiful city.

The message board is still here and open for anyone to post their thoughts. Perhaps your post might spark off a surge. We'll see.

Re: no e.mails

Peter. Nice to hear from you sorry you are an ex member. The Webb master make lt clear that members are getting older and find it to much of an effort to post. The Lichfield group are a shining example of to gerthnes we get up to eighteen members at our meetings one traveling from Lancashire who never misses a meeting.My own philosophy of life is I can do anything I could do when I was younger it now takes me longer to do it but I can still do it. We also have a saying if you can do something about it do it if cannot do everything about it forget it.Kind regards to all members on this lovely 😊 day.Roland.