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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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We are to old to get insurance

Post office Insurance.I tried to arrange some insurance for a holiday only to be told that I was to old to be insured?. What a crazy world we are living in I am getting the impression that when you reach eighty you are no longer of any use other than to pay tax what do they expect us to do stop living and get out of the way for all the work shy people you see walking around.Ther is no respect for older people in this Country of ours any more.You will be expected to pay for your television licence to the BBC next year even if you do not watch their rubbish and over paid presenters. I think we should let them whistle for their money .I ask for nothing other than I have paid for I want no assistance from any one I want to be treated as member of society and receive equality in everything.I am not a bitter old man just a very angry one 🇬🇧

Re: We are to old to get insurance

Roland Try Saga I have a multi medical condition but never have probs with them