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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Random Jottings

no this is not about travel insurance for the over 80's. Over the past 3 months or so I have received enquiries about the lack of recent BETFOR journals. The readership of this message board is possibly about a quarter of the membership and as is well known many over 60's do not need to be 'on the net' So if this piece gets more than 25 views I will be surprised.
However I feel that Harry Dixon's sterling efforts deserve to be continued so here goes.

Just had an email from the Stubai glacier near Innsbruck that the winter season begins today, Friday 13th ! They are offering half price day tickets to good looking girls and boys wearing traditional dress on the already snowy slopes. Bavarian sausages and pretzels too.
At least one of our members would take that up because he tells me he can still do a 10km downhill run somewhere near Merano.

When you read this will you be putting money on the outcome on Halloween night ? Don't think I need to give you any more info,

Are you a Strictly viewer ? Do you know about Talking pictures on channel 81 ? All those films you saw as teenagers.

Re: Random Jottings

Thank you Roy for breaking that particular bit of the ice. Your mention of Innsbruck took me back to the time when my wife and I took our Golf on a meandering trip (trying to avoid toll motorways), stopping off in the Schfarzwwald reaching Innsbruck, going over the Gross Glockner, the Skybrucke into the Alto Adige, reaching Lake Garda and deciding to stay there instead of going on to Trieste because we decided it was impossible to find anything more beautiful. I make no apologies for spelling mistakes because I've reached an age when I don't give a ….

What's so hard about being on line when every thicko you see has her (sometimes but less often "his") nose glued to a mobile - andwhy are they called phones when they are far more often used for twittering or instagramming? I just don't believe that there are huge quantities of wisdom being exchanged on soshal meejah.

Travel insurance - Larry once recommended Global Insurance and I always found then very good.

The age profile off the membership would be very boring to look at - and perhaps a bit depressing but it's there and there's no use wishing it was different. I just hope Smith's score doesn't reach the same as my age. That would be more depressing - and again it's out of my control so I have to tell myself I don't care.

Re: Random Jottings

I was traveling by train from London a young man sitting across the carriage took out His phone as soon as he sat down and carried out a conversation for about thirty minutes to His dismay the phone rang. I think he would have dippapeard up His own back side if it had been possible.I do wonder why so many people walking around with phones in their ears are actually talking ??

Re: Random Jottings

More random...…. "News" .. what is it and what's the difference from gossip? I've just been reading what's on offer on the Il Piccolo website; it concerns the "water" America which has been stolen from the place where Winston was born. The same item is on several British newspaper websites where it's called a "toilet". It's a bog; you sit on it and shit. Why are we so coy about a daily function? The yanks are even ore prissy. "Bathroom " is the current euphemism; they've worked through "rest room" and "comfort station". Where to next? I'm all for four letter Anglo-Saxon words. Anyhow my scan of Il Piccolo could tell me about car accidents and nasty deaths but why does that stuff trump anything good, encouraging, inspiring..... ? Do journos who hand in that sort of stuff fail to get into print?

Phones etc.... are you beguiled by them? I am. Common sense told me that my venerable Samsung Galaxy was getting old and there were shinier, bigger, brighter, faster, more tactile things about so I got one. I won't say what because I don't want to prejudice anyone but I've just gone back to my Old clunky one because it still does everything I want uncomplainingly and with no fuss.

Re: Random Jottings

Not only am I viewing but a reply is in order!

I love random jottings and enjoy catching up with the message board.

Long may it last!

Thanks Harry