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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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The future.......?

There are always imponderables but it looks as if we have to face up to probabilities. It seems clear that the days when members were keen to reminisce about their time in Trieste are over. Only one probability remains, that the local gatherings will go on - and that's a good thing.

I can see very little likelihood that this message board will continue - unless a there's a sudden flood of contributors.

Re: The future.......?

Sorry to hear that Harry. You have been a star with your posts to keep it going. I will miss it.

Thank you

Re: The future.......?

Just thought, there is no Journal either what a sad time.

Re: The future.......?

"Sad" - yes but there's no stopping - or even slowing - the way time passes and the future of our Association may be one thing that changes. It's still important that decisions are made calmly and wisely.

There seems to be little or no need for our main website apart from a place where folks can see where local meetings are held. In any case dates, places and times are usually arranged by members at the previous meeting and the message board can carry too and could be used in that way. I'm looking into that and I'll notify anyone interested about any change there may be in the URL.