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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Tom Carew

A remarkable man, formerly in SOE, parachuted behind enemy lines in Burma and twice in Belgium during the war - and having to contend with danger as well as political nonsense - to organise resistance.

He became OC of TSO and announced on arrival that he considered himself fortunate to be in Trieste and determined to enjoy it to the full; he would do all he could to help us do the same.

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Anyhow I was being whisked towards the Highlands last week and was half listening to some ladies chatting on the radio when "Burma" was mentioned and my interest half aroused. At the end of the chatter it was announced that Keggie Carew had been the subject of the interview - and I wished I'd been listening more closely. I've just been trying to replay the programme but failed.
You may remember that Keggie was a contributor to this message board when she was researching her book "Dadland…. " which earned her a n award as the best biography of the year.

Re: Tom Carew

Harry, I also heard the programme.

I found a link, hope it is the correct one. I sent it by email the second mail has the full link it was a radio4 programme.

Re: Tom Carew

Thank you Paula.

I have listened to two broadcast talks by Keggie about her book "Dadland" concerning Tom. I've also reread parts of the book (on my Kindle) and it's an impressive achievement, well researched and highly detailed. I have a lot of difficulty in facing the man Tom became. I like to remember the man I knew.