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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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The Future

The following appeared recently:

"There are always imponderables but it looks as if we have to face up to probabilities. It seems clear that the days when members were keen to reminisce about their time in Trieste are over. Only one probability remains, that the local gatherings will go on - and that's a good thing.

I can see very little likelihood that this message board will continue - unless a there's a sudden flood of contributors."

I have to say that I don't know exactly what will happen to the message board; the main website will disappear on 21st November but the date of "recurrence" (not my word) of the message board is 19th April 2020. One problem may be that the URL of the message board is long and unmemorable:

So if you think it may be useful, it ma e wise to copy that and paste is in a file somewhere; that's what I've done. If the whole shebang disappears on 21st I'll try to revive it but I;ve no idea what it will look like or how you will find it.

Re: The Future

Oh Harry,
I have copied the link in case.

Who put up the message, I assume it was not you?

Is 2019 the end of the BETFOR world? This is sad news.

Re: The Future

I expect you mean the post on the same topic - well yes 'twas all my fault. I had my knuckles rapped for "posting too much or too often" or some such; I'd botched and corrected and I thoughts it had not taken so I re-posted. Then later I saw we had two similar so I deleted one. Sorry to anyone affected but ……

Sic transit gloria mundi - often translated as Gloria spewed in the back of the van.

Re: The Future

This will be as beautiful for many years to come:

I posted a photo of it (slightly downstream) last year - I took this photo just two weeks ago but I'm still not saying where it is.

Re: The Future

I have done as Harry has suggested and have the reference in a file. Unfortunately only a relatively small percentage of known members are on email (currently 50 to 60). I will be sending a Christmas message to all of them shortly and inviting responses.
There is a BETFOR lunch at the Union Jack tomorrow (London) and I will report shortly after if there is any news or information particularly regarding an AGM in March.

The annual Grand National sweeepstake in April will still happen. I will respond to all emails.

Re: The Future

Well done Roy!

I had a communication from David Griggs about a month ago and the AGM was just awaiting Roland confirming a venue in Warwick!

Also Geoff hoped to get a Journal out with the information in it!