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As a public service and as Order,Order is now taking 2 minutes to reach the latest comments here is an offer completely free of charge if you are interested.
I have received a complete run down from one of my sources listing all the current MP's total expenses.(You do not need a newspaper and it comes without additional comment)
Just email me direct with the words GUY FAWKES and you will receive it.
I have already sent it to both Ray and Larry.


I almost never noticed Part 2 here. I have been so busy reading all the entries on Part I that I never saw this continuation.

It appears we have financial problems on both side of the Atlantic. Yours is apparently with individual members of Parliament supplementing their salaries with their expense allowances. Ours is with our congressmen shoveling money out to big business, banks, auto manufacturers, contractors, etc. If I live long enough, I would like to see which approach in more beneficial to me, my friends and the country.


Gene, we, too, through our government have also shovelled over 300 billion pounds sterling into the same organisations as you mention. (Some commentaters have said the fgure is nearer to one trillion pounds). Our great-great-grandchildren's children MAY pay-off the last instalments of the debt we now owe the world.
What rankles still is that the bosses of these organisations in the UK is that they are now lining up for payment of disgustingly large bonuses (paid out of the money we gave them to keep them afloat).
The other surprising news is that although all of the MPs who had their snouts in the public trough have now said they will stand down at the next election, but not leave Parliament immediately. You want to know why? Because if they resign and leave immediately they will not be eligible for a 'golden handshake' but if they can hang on until the next general election they will get anything from £30,000 to over £100,000 pounds as a 'signing-off bonus' depending on how long they have served!! And they will also get a 'gold-plated' pension (although they HAVE contrbuted towards that). Who said crime does not pay?
Still, as far as we old age pensioners are concerned, it's 'what you've never had you never miss'.