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re speak now Fred

Sorry I have been silent for a while Roy as I have been away from home to attend a family wedding, I have also been laid up with my medical problems for more than a week.
As for Big Al, I supose it was on the cards that they would go down but who knows ? they may pull back up again next year, they have done it in the past.
I think the last
two or three managers made a mess of the job and left him too short a time to do anything about it.
It looks like they may have money problems soon with the big wages bill they have to find.

Re: re speak now Fred

Hello Fred,
Pleased to hear you are feeling better, we had our Regional Meeting today John Spencer of course came but Colin was quite worried about the part the Villa played in the downfall of the Baggies. I think that if they can hold on to St. Alan they will come back up, as a matter of fact I would'nt mind a pup off him.
Chins Up

Re: re speak now Fred

I don't think that the Villa have anymore responsibility for sending the Baggies down than all of the other teams in the Premiership Ray, but I am sorry Fred that the last game at villa Park did result in the fall of Newcastle but it wasn't a Villa player who scored the goal you know. I was surprised that Villa won as we have struggled to beat most teams recently. If Alan is given a free hand to manage next season, I am sure that they will return to the top league.

Re: re speak now Fred

The Championship League is a very hard one to get promoted from,just look at who Newcastle have to play?
The Rams,and the Tractor Boys,(Now Keene as Mustard),that is six pionts down the Swannie?.
Just joking little Fred,Hope you are feeling better Mate?.