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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Billsson - Andrews

On the part of the Trieste web-site which bears our web-name in Italian ( this last weekend there has been a posting from someone who used the name 'Billsson' asking for any information anyone might have about his father, who apparently, was stationed in Opicina in 1946/47. This chap apparently had his wife and son living with him in a bungalow in Opicina. I was stationed in Opicina at that time. I replied to this Billsson and told him to post is plea for info on this web-site and also gave him my e-mail address with which to contact me if he wished. I have received an e-mail from my contacts on the TRUST Trieste web-site in the US tonight. Gene had also seen the plea from Billsson and had posted the web-address. Billsson has posted the same plea on the American web-site as he did in Trieste but I do not see anything here from him. His father was apparently called Bill Andrews and he was a Lance-Corporal in the 1st Royal Sussex Regiment (I made a mistake and put down Suffolk regt in a phone-call to Harry today). He had also apparently served with the 1/4 Hampshires in Italy?
But can anyone imagine a Lance-Corporal in 1946 in Opicina being able to afford on his army pittance to have his wife and son living in Opicina. How did he get permission to live off-barracks at that time. And they also had a MAID??????????? Must have been the richest L/Cpl in the Army.
Anyway, folks, keep an eye out for 'Billsson' (or 'Andrews' something or other he calls himself on the TRUST website in the US). I wonder what he is up to? And yet, and yet, having taken a look at the woman in the photo he posted on the web-site in Trieste, something rankles and my memory-bank at the back of my brain seems to be trying to tell me that I have seen that woman before. Just can't place her at the moment.
Goonite all, but make sure all your anti-spam and spyware programmes are up to date and your firewalls are not coming tumbling down.
Goonite again, Larry

Re: Billsson - Andrews

Just a small PS to the post above. Noticed last night on the Trieste English Section website that Billsson says that his father as a Private not a Lance-Corporal in 1946/47. Living out of barracks with a wife and child AND having a maid. The mind boggles!!