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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Doom & Gloom

At the moment when the weather is so lovely and everyone is posting happy items, i feel that I must bring to your attention the bad news concerning Korea.I knew a number of squaddies that were killed there including my 18 year old brother-in-law. My brother was wounded with the Glosters on the Imjim River. So I hope that we are not going to be dragged into another useless war. Nothing was won in Korea and we were lucky to have escaped being embroiled in the useless Vietnam war.We have been dragged into two more illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We once had the biggest Empire evr built up and certain countries have always been jealous of this. If these countries want to rule the world let them do it, but not over dead British servicemen
Our Forces are supposed to be for the defence of our Country. If we attack other countries then we can expect retaliation and if they are militarily weak then they will resort to terrorism. I don't want my grandchildren involved in this type of thing.
Am now off of soapbox.

Re: Doom & Gloom

I sat down at midday to watcg Prime Minister Question Time. Just time wasted.All the party leaders offered condonlences to all the poor bloody squaddies recently killed in Afghanistan.
When will they realise that they cannot win there.In the early 19th century the British Army fought the Afghans with a negative result. Later thr Russians tried with massive military units . With the Hind choppers , but they pulled out. The biggest problems there is with production of drugs. Send planes to spray the fields. More Agent Orange, but pull our lads out.They joined to protect Britain and british way of life.