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Anyone gotta horse ?

Saturday is DERBY DAY. The sure thing is that the winner will not be 100-1 as was the case at the GRAND NATIONAL. There is no sweepstake this time, but any offers of fancied runners would be appreciated.
Both Fred and I are giving up on you lot ever making any comment about anything. (just a handful do)

Can you inspire them Gene ?

Re: Anyone gotta horse ?

What do I know, I don't even understand the language. It does seem odd to me that our of about 100 members only about six of you post regularly. Of course if you are now discussing horse racing, What do I know?

Re: Anyone gotta horse ?

Roy my 1/- ew is going on Black Bear Island, I have a little bet most days, today i am on Albaasha in the8-45 Doncaster, I must say that I have more luck at the dogs than the horses as I used to own Greyhounds and race them at Oxford so got to know most of the other owners.

Re: Anyone gotta horse ?

It is Crowded in our House Roy, have got the Builders in again,knocking my Kitchen into shape,so the Boss can get around it.That is my Tip EW.
Vince,as an ex GREYHOUND RACING TRAINER a few tips would be handy at Oxford.I raced Greyhounds in my earlier days,when the old Flapping Tracks were around.Had a good galloping track in Bury St Edmunds,and had several good wins with a Dog i purchased from Ireland,that had run in the Shelbourne Derby Final.The Dog was a wide runner,and won all distances up too 700 yds.Gave me great fun. The Track is now a Housing Site,like most of the old Tracks.