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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Fred you're right that there are far more wanting to look in and keep their heads down than those who put fingers (or finger) to ketboard BUT there are fifteen different names on this page alone - some posting more than others of course.

Still, Harvard Busines School has just produced a report saying that ten percent of Twitter users (Tweeters) generate ninety percent of the site's content.

Now I don't think the Betfor Association's message board is quite in the same league as Twitter but if we have only about 130 members able to receive emails - and a number of those only vicariously - then our contibutos are at about the same level Twitter's.

PS. (This really belongs in the Birdsong thread but typing the word Twitter reminded me of "our" owl.) We hadn't heard anything of him for a while then yesterday I heard his cry; it's a kind of a screech; I thought for a minute that it was a peacock but we don't have any round here. Then he appeared and perched on the telegraph pole opposite, his favourite. I know nothing about owls but I thought they were nocturnal . This one is reddish brown and he likes to sun bathe. He (could be she for all I know) stayed there blinking in the sun for about fifteen minutes then flew silently away.