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Rainy Day

Well friends I am sitting here before my computer facing out of a window overlooking my front lawn and the street that passes in front of my house. It has been a wet cloudy morning but not raining at the moment. (An aside for Harry, I just snapped a shot of my view over my computer monitor of my front lawn and the street that passes in front of the house. Would it be possible to post it with this posting?) Currently I am playing various and sundry music on my computer ranging from classical, opera, military marches, songs from the Civil War, John Phillip Sousa, country western,etc. You can see my tastes vary.

This morning I have lost a bet with a neighbor over the outcome of the Army/Navy game played yesterday. The loser has the wear the opposing team's jersey with logos for the day so since Army lost yesterday, I am wearing a Navy jersey. I am not a sore loser, I'll just not be going outside much today.

Re: Rainy Day

As you know, I'm not one to gloat, but it's been sunny and (relatively) mild here . Pleasant enough to lure me out on the bike for a couple of hours. (I talk in terms of time now - not distance.) Icy mornings and wet leaves have been enough to keep me off it for some time so I was blowing for tugs soon after starting out.

If you send me the photo as an attachment, I can send you the bbcode for it. All you do then is copy and paste it into your post where ever you want it. If you upload it to the TRUST album of our website, you can get the code yourself. Using Firefox you right click on the image then left click on "Send image". That gives you the address. You then add after it and that gives you the code. Copy and paste. Using IE, you right click then left click on "Properties" and that gives you the address in a little window in the middle. Right click on the address then left click on "Apply". That works the same as "copy". Do have a go.

Are you whistling "A Life on the Ocean Wave"?

Re: Rainy Day

Well folks the malady that has affected some of your computers has now hit mine. I had to take mine to the repair shop this evening. It refused to cooperate so I had no choice but take it to the shop. I am sending this MSG on my iPad. Without it I would be dead in the water.

Re: Rainy Day

Since Gene's computer has thrown a wobbler, I'll post his photo taken on that rainy day showing the BETFOR message board on the computer screen and a rainy garden (OK Gene, I know - "yard") outside.

Re: Rainy Day

Well How About This!! I have my desktop home and I am looking at the picture I sent you Harry and it is proper side up . How about that! (I like How Abouts) I do not know why but when I first tried to boot up my desktop after coming home it balked and I thought "here we go again." But instead after a few minutes it settled down and now it seems to be OK, but I haven't really checked it out. It is approx. 24 hours since the picture was taken and the weather continues to be dark and gloomy, almost ready to rain some more.