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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Re: Rainy Day

Well folks the malady that has affected some of your computers has now hit mine. I had to take mine to the repair shop this evening. It refused to cooperate so I had no choice but take it to the shop. I am sending this MSG on my iPad. Without it I would be dead in the water.

Re: Rainy Day

Since Gene's computer has thrown a wobbler, I'll post his photo taken on that rainy day showing the BETFOR message board on the computer screen and a rainy garden (OK Gene, I know - "yard") outside.

Re: Rainy Day

Well How About This!! I have my desktop home and I am looking at the picture I sent you Harry and it is proper side up . How about that! (I like How Abouts) I do not know why but when I first tried to boot up my desktop after coming home it balked and I thought "here we go again." But instead after a few minutes it settled down and now it seems to be OK, but I haven't really checked it out. It is approx. 24 hours since the picture was taken and the weather continues to be dark and gloomy, almost ready to rain some more.