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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Re: Whitehall 1212

Pity you didn't wait another 12 minutes! Typical la di da public school impatience.

Re: Whitehall 1212

What is my young brother Harry up to now ? Smart of him to notice the date though. I don't suppose he has much else to think about these days. Evening all.

Re: Whitehall 1212

I got rushed to the Doctors,with severe Food poisoning,and im aiming though an eye of a needle. No ALCOHOL,but ordered to drink plenty of PARNIE.
Could take a week,before i am in the clear,so it puts our Christmas Dinner into question,as i am banned from going near food resterauants. lets hope he is wrong.

Re: Whitehall 1212

Here is where New Scotland Yard used to be until the late 60's. WHITEHALL 1212 went out around then. Can you remember the old London 3 letter codes ? MUSeum, ACOrn GERard etc etc. Maybe you had one one at home if resident in THE SMOKE
Anyone know who Sgt Wilson is ? What on earth is PARNIE.? hope he recovers before Christmas. We need our correspondents to be well.