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Re: Le Tour 2014

I wonder if I can get political asylum somewhere on the Continent if I take a trip there before the red-mist descends over my eyes. I think I'll have to write a letter of protest to my MP (although he is a ..........Liberal)
and the Daily Mail. No, I'll start one of those sites where folks can register their names and when there are 10,000 names get it presented to No.10. And I am willing to bet I'd get more than 10,000 signatures!!! Best thing though, when they are in the vicinity of Stockport, would be to purchase a couple of hundredweight of tick-tacks and get my name in the papers. Another way to avoid all these nerds on two wheels would be to go and visit Gene in Virginia.

Roy, just to be 'precise' it should read Leeds pour etre precise. You could also use par instead of pour.

Re: Le Tour 2014

Permettez moi tell you mate, je ne suis pas quel chap Roy.

Re: Le Tour 2014

Merci M.Pong, I am slow catching up on LE TOUR in 2014, but Larry is up and running already with instant protest.(plus ca change) as the French say.My man in Yorkshire Seth Scargill-Boycott will give a considered reply fairly soon. That will be me Larry so you are in no doubt.

Re: Le Tour 2014

I may not be old enough to join BETFOR but if the Tour commisaire wants me to start it I am always ready. What's the expression 'owt for nowt' ?

Re: Le Tour 2014

As promised. the Yorkshire committee are delighted about the news that Le Tour will be starting here in 2014. The bad news for Larry is that he will need 100.000 signatures not 10.000 for ministerally conksideration. The good news for him is that Cheadle and Stockport are very unlikely to feature on the route.

Doubtless this topic will get a mention now and again, but the 2013 event is not too far away..........