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British Element Trieste Force 1945 - 1954
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Re: new members part 2

Brucie, I thought that the main rule for membership was that they must have served in some way with some organisation during the period of the Free Territory of Trieste???????? See dates on front page of web-site.

Re: new members part 2

Larry , we are dealing here with fantasy not literal fact. Can you add to Wedgie Benn, Ian Paisley, Dennis Skinner, Christopher Lee, Brian Close ? Nice little exercise for. you.

Re: new members part 2

A bit young I know but he did join up for a while. Not many people know this but he died on the bog. Ironic or what. He had all them number ones but it was a number two that did for him.

Re: new members part 2

Well done Jim. Fascinating information particularly timely for the festive season.Another chapter of SCD has ended, will I be asked back next year ? Perhaps the reader who uses the caterwauling word will give us his thoughts. I notice that Larry is not offering any new candidates. Perhaps he will have time on his hands over Christmas.