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Robert Wallis handicap competition

On a wet June morning a few bedraggled members waited in the bus stop shelter by the gate to see if anyone else would turn up for the competition. not likely! someone said as the rain pattered on the roof of the shelter. But wait!another car has turned up, and another, who is that? Biscuit! Can`t be ,it`s only 0945!! And before long, the bus shelter was crammed with members, and after having the democratic vote to either postpone or carry on with the competition, it was decided to go ahead. So, foul weather gear securely donned, all but wimps like me headed for the shooting field. Well, it was not me I was worried about you will understand, but my nice oiled bow! (At least that`s my story!)
This was Ray and Joan`s last shoot with the club before escaping to sunny Spain and avoiding having to vote in the referendum, so it was appropriate that Ray won the competition with a score of 84 with a total with handicap of 94 points.
Biscuit was second, with 76 scored and 83 with handicap.
Chris was third with 62 scored and 76 with handicap.
Well done all on a very difficult, wet day.

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