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A light hearted look at archers afflictions.

I thought it might be amusing to do a little series on thee various afflictions and ocurrances that effect archers drawn from past experience.
No 1. Bettys
Although the weather now turns a little cooler, after a spate of very hot days, Bettys can strike without warning, especially on Fraternity shoots where its severity is in direct proportion to the distance one is away from potential relief.
Bettys is a very painful inflammation around the dangly bits, almost always striking on very hot days. Varioous immediate remedies may be considered, including emptying a cold water bottle down the front of the trousers. encasing the area in wet mud from a nearby stream or pond, or a large poultice of grass wrapped in doc leaves.An entire bucket of ice cubes would be the ultimate relief, but not many of those found on the average shoot!
Signs of this affliction can be quickly spotted by the cowboy like gait of the victim, walking slowly with legs wide apart.
Only real cure is to get to a source of very cool cold cream or a very cold long shower.Or ice cubes!
Such is the curse of Bettys. Several of our most prominent archers have been struck down in the past.
More Archer related afflictions to follow.

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