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A light hearted look at archers` afflictions. No 2 bow dropping.

No 2 Bow dropping.
This is quite a common habit/affliction in distance shooting, especially flight. As we all know, the optimum angle for maximum distance is 45 degrees. This coupled with a draw held for a very minimum time and a smooth release, should give a good result and a good distance. Except of course that some of us find that it is not so easy.
Everything proceeds perfectly, with a smooth , controlled draw, angle firmly on 45 degrees, and just at the point of release, the bow drops a few inches either with or without the rear foot coming up off the ground, leaving the archer`s stance a bit like the statue of Eros! The few inches of bow drop changes the angle to the degree that potentially probably twenty to fifty yards distance is lost.
Other than self discipline and practice, i can offer the following typically CHLS solutions which may help.
1. An adjustable clothes prop can be utilized to fit under the bow hand,fixing the angle of 45 degrees making it physically impossible for the bow hand to drop.
2 A 20 kg bag of post mix or sand can be placed over the back foot to keep it anchored firmly to the ground. This can be used in combination with solution one in very bad cases.
3 On rural shoots, a length of stick with a bunch of stinging nettles may be held by a companion just under the bow hand, so that any dropping results in the hand coming into contact with the nettles. ( Some traditional shoots may object to adjustable clothes props.)Hope some of these sensible and practical ideas will help with those suffering from this problem!!!

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