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Stonor park results.

Emma and dodge`s first open shoot at Stonor Park was a great success, enjoyed by about 50 entrants, including some from CHLS who scooped up eight of the ten available medals. Why am i not surprised. well done guys and congratulations to Em and Dodge for a brilliant start to open marks shoots.
Results for CHLS are as follows:

1st, ladies` speed score 15 Joan.
1st mens speed score 22 Spinner.
1st ladies`flight 225 yards Gilly
1st mens` " 305 yards Spinner.
1st ladies` marks score 53 Joan
1st mens` marks score 94 Biscuit.
2nd men`s marks score 64 Marek .(with a twelve scoring arrow.)
3rd men`s marks score 64 Roger. (without a twelve scoring arrow)

Thanks to all who helped to make this pioneer event a great success.

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