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More CHLS success at Windsor.

Congratulations to CHLS members shooting at Windsor on 3rd/4th December.
Looks like another Extremely successful trip to me, with the usual high proportion of the medals and certificates going to CHLS members.
As follows:

Chris. 1st at the marks with 74 points and another cut glass chalice to his credit for the second year running.

Spinner. 1st, Cloth of gold with distance of 285 yards.
Emma . 1st Ladies Cloth of gold with a distance of 225 yards.
Spinner. 2nd at the marks with 64 points.
Cat Medal for first to score 12 points at the marks.
Birmingham Kate! (Honorary social member of CHLS?) 2nd at the ladies` marks.

Well done all who took part,congratulations to those winning medals/certificates,better luck next time to those who didn`t, but well done for trying.

Re: More CHLS success at Windsor.

Score update dave got 295 at the cloth of gold

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