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Christmas programme.

There is a general concensus that because Christmas day falls on a Sunday this year, that we have that shoot on boxing day instead. We can discuss this at next Sunday`shoot and finalise it then.This will be the last scoring shoot of the season.
After that there will be of course, the New Years day shoot, kicking off at 1100 hrs to help dispel hangovers, although anyone we can make it a bit earlier would be appreciated for help setting up.The usual culprits like Dastardly black knight ,Not quite so dastardly red knight, Bear etc will be there for their come uppance as well as a Kings target, speed shoot, shooting from the castle battlements (Bridge) etc:
Can I remind anyone who currently has a trophy/Plate from last year to please return it to me NEXT SUNDAY,OR AT THE LATEST, BOXING DAY as I will need to get them all to the engravers for this year`s results to be added.

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