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STOP PRESS 2016 final results

Final results for 2016.

Best 10 scores:(Average)
1st Ed Glasby. 101.9
2nd Biscuit 92.5
3rd Spinner 91.8.

Best 10 handicap scores average:
1st Biscuit 110
2nd Ed 101.9
3rd Spinner 101.0

Highest individual score:
1st Spinner 114
2nd Ed 110
3rd Rich Wadge 108

Most improved:
1st Biscuit 15%
2nd Gillie 12%
3rd Chris 5%

Robert Wallis trophy:
1st Ray u/wood
2nd Biscuit
3rd Chris.

Crecy plate:
1st Biscuit
2nd Spinner
3rd Iain

Agincourt plate:
1st Ed
2nd Spinner
3rd Chris.

1st Biscuit (3x6point flags,1x5point flag,11 flushes) 15 total.
2nd Ed (4X6 point flags,1X5 point flag,9 flushes) 14 total
3rdSpinner (3X6 point flags,7 flushes) 10 total.

Wednesday shoots :Top three averages.
1st Spinner 108
2nd Ed 104.2
3rd Ray U/wood 92.8

As usual, the winner of the Derrick bettis wooden spoon will be announced later.
well done everyone!!

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